Financial Due Diligence

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Under Examination. Financial Due Diligence.

Every sale or purchase of a company is accompanied by business opportunities but also risks. In order to weigh these up, a careful analysis and assessment is required in advance. In a financial Due Diligence review, our experts examine the strengths and weaknesses of an object and evaluate it. Thereby enabling you to make a sound decision.

Our Services for you

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Analysis of the Important Value Drivers and the Decisive Success and Risk Factors
  • Valuation of Accounting Documents
  • Examination of Financial Forecasts and Establishment of Alternatives
  • Examination of Contracts with Customers, Suppliers and Employees
  • Company Valuation
  • Support in the Establishment of the Purchase Price
  • Advice regarding the Form of the Deal


In addition to Financial Due Diligence we also offer Tax Due Diligence. You can find out more about further services we offer here: Advisory.

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