Tax Advisory

Tax oriented planning and structuring.

Our Services

  • Expats
  • Formation and Follow-up Advisory
  • Legal Structure Consultancy
  • Tax Advising
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax Related Special Issues
  • Tax Structuring / National & International
  • Transfer Pricing
  • VAT Structuring / National & International

Our activities are focused on the tax consultancy in cases of establishment, acquisition, sale, transformation, and restructuring of companies, handover and succession thereof. This enumeration clarifies how wide the scale of possible challenges is and how important it is to our advisors to own the same wide-scale knowledge. TPA possesses far-reaching experience in order to provide all clients with the best possible advises in the given situations.

Continuous active consultancy

  • Comprehensive representation in tax and social security issues
  • Telephone consultation and written elaboration of the legal questions relating to taxation
  • Professional reply to the inquiry of the tax authority
  • Efficient control of tax account extracts and tax impositions
  • Representation in case of appeals, management and tracing of due dates
  • Professional support and representation during tax inspections
  • Focused assistance in bookkeeping related questions
  • Efficient organization of your bookkeeping and payroll calculation
  • Review of your technical equipment (Cash system, recording software) whether they comply with the statutory regulations

In order to let you be continuously informed about the changes of corporate and taxation questions we keep regular meetings:

  • A number of continuous short talks during the year in order to discuss the development of the company
  • Meeting before the year-end during which we conciliate the decisions to be made in the rest of the year
  • Assessment of your annual financial statements
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