Prospectus Control And Other Assurance Services

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The auditing experts at TPA have extensive expertise in the area of special and specific audits and can, therefore, offer audits in the following:

  • Audits in company law (establishment, deposits, merger, conversion, spin-off and remaining assets audits)
  • Special audits in accordance with stock corporation law
  • Audits of capital market prospectuses
  • Audits in the public sector
  • Efficiency and management audits
  • Charities audits
  • Audits on the deductibility of donations
  • Assurance services on research premiums
  • EU audits (subsidy audits)
  • Audits of the Internal Control System (ICS), of the Risk Management System (RMS) or the Compliance Management Systems (CMS)
  • SOX
  • Internal audits
  • IT audits
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