Auditing. Adding value through optimization.

Our Services

  • Annual Audit
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Corporate Governance und Compliance
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Fraud Investigation & Forensic Audit
  • IFRS/US-GAAP Consultancy
  • Prospectus Control And Other Assurance Services
  • Risk Management (Risk Controlling)

As auditors, our responsibility reaches far beyond certifying the legal correctness of the annual financial statements. Moreover, our aim is to provide our clients with additional value during every audit by giving proposals for optimizing the business processes, the internal monitoring systems and the management information systems.

Our services contain the following activities:

  • Statutory and voluntary review of the annual financial statements
  • Review of consolidated annual financial statements, including the review of the annual financial statements prepared in line with the international accounting standards e.g. IFRS, US-GAAP
  • Audit relating to transformations
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Audit of the internal monitoring system
  • Company valuation

With the assistance of our partner companies in the neighbouring counties, and the Baker Tilly International Network, we conclude the audit of our clients with international activity complying with the International Audit Standards (IAS).

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