Subsidy Advisory

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Seize the Opportunity. With EU Consulting, Subsidies Consulting and Technology Consulting.

You have an exciting research project, a brilliant business idea or an innovative technology? With us, you can find the most suitable subsidy. From start-up to high-tech company to industrial enterprise, from the local council to associations to NGOs: We know what takes you further. Use the experience of TPA to your advantage.

Our Services for you

  • Consultancy on Research & Development, Technology and Innovation
  • Valuation of Technologies, Patents and Licenses
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Optimisation of Business and Financial Plans
  • Consultancy on Direct and Indirect Subsidies (in Austria, the EU and the accession countries)
  • Lobbying, Project Management and Audits for EU Projects
  • Preparation and Optimization of Subsidy Applications
  • Studies and Consultancy for Ministries, Agencies, Associations, Local Authorities, Companies
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