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Under Scrutiny. Because a Company is Worth It.

You would like to know how much your foreign subsidiary is worth? How high the purchase price would be for a certain sector? Or what shareholder value your shareholders can expect? TPA will carry out an independent and informed evaluation for you. Benefit from the excellent know-how of our experts.

Our Services for you

We offer valuations for the following requirements, among others:

  • Sale and Purchase of a Company or Part thereof
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • Withdrawal of a Partner from a Partnership
  • Determination of Exchange Ratios in the case of Mergers
  • Exclusion of Members from a Company with Limited Liability with Financial Settlement
  • Proportional or Disproportional De-Mergers, also with Financial Settlement
  • Valuation of Shares in the case of Contractual Termination of a Limited Liability Company or the Exercise of a Contractual Acquisition Right


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