Accounting services

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Our accounting services contain the following basic services:

  • Continuous support for your company during the preparation and organization of vouchers
  • Review of vouchers from the aspect of their formal correctness
  • GL bookkeeping of vouchers in the software of TPA
  • Automatic takeover of data from other software (e.g. in case of outgoing invoices, payroll)
  • Recordkeeping according to cost centre and cost bearer
  • Preparation of the VAT return from the recorded data
  • Comprehensive assessment of the data recorded from income tax point of view with determining the tax base
  • Thorough comparison of the current data with the data of the previous month and year (both in absolute value and in percentage)
  • Comparison of the profit/loss of certain months in order to monitor the processes
  • Calculation of other taxes and contributions
  • Preparation and submission of cumulative reports
  • Preparation of transfer orders relating to tax payments in the form of data medium
  • Assessment of open-lists, preparation of prompt notes
  • Issuance of invoices (middle invoices, prepayments and final invoices)
  • Joint analysis and assessment of the data recorded in order to supervise the development of the company
  • Posterior calculations
  • Joint analysis and negotiation of the prepared data
  • Precise control of the tax payment deadlines and due dates
  • Continuous plan-fact comparison and maintenance
  • Provision of continuous information about the law modifications relating to bookkeeping
  • Meetings before the year-end, where we analyse together the position of your company
  • Representation at VAT revisions
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