Financial Restructuring

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Gain Strength. Restructuring and Reorganisation Consultancy.

If a company can no longer meet the challenges it faces, it can be thrown into a crisis. The restructuring strategies are as varied as the reasons – from a missed market trend to internal factors to macro-economic developments.

The aim of our consultancy, however, remains the same: to increase the value for all interested groups.

Our Services for You

  • Status-Quo Analysis, Short and Medium Term Liquidity Needs
  • (Strategic) Business Review
  • Preparation and/or Examination of Reorganisation Concepts
  • Analysis of Crisis Factors and Proposals to Improve Performance
  • Plan Scenarios with Simulation Models
  • Prognoses regarding Continued Operation of the Company
  • Economic Support in Restructuring Measures, including Controlling of Measures
  • Search for an Investor (Finance Investor, Strategic Investor) to Secure Long-Term Continued Business
  • Support in Financing Questions and Bank Negotiations
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